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Punch Powertrain acquires Apojee

Punch Powertrain's Ningbo factory

Punch Powertrain has acquired French power electronics firm Apojee

Belgium-based powertrain manufacturer Punch Powertrain is expanding via the acquisition of French firm Apojee.

Apojee is an industry expert in the field of power electronics, with customers in the German and French automotive industry (both OEMs and Tier 1s), as well as in motorsports (inverters for Formula E and for Formula One). The company is located in Clermont-Ferrand, with additional offices in Nice and Munich, counting 50 employees in total.

With this acquisition Punch Powertrain is increasing its R&D capacity in the power electronics field, with expertise covering the entire chain from product conception to production support. The company says it has come closer to achieving its strategic objectives of accelerated EV development and a stronger position in the field of electric and hybrid transmissions.

The acquisition adds the fourth EU development centre for Punch Powertrain, in addition to its existing sites at its headquarters in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

In 2017, Punch Powertrain opened three new locations. In February, a new Iranian factory was inaugurated, indicating the start of installation of facilities for mass production. In July the German TEG was successfully acquired and in October the new, larger and improved factory in Nanjing (China) became operational.

The acquisition of Apojee was followed by the opening of  a new Punch site in Ningbo, China. The 100.000m² factory was completed in January after a record construction period of only 8 months, and is the company’s second in China.

It will house the production lines of the high volume VT3 CVT transmission, expanded to meet growing demand for hybrids and EVs in the Chinese market. Over 2018, the company will also introduce new variants of the VT5 , including 48V and P3-CVT PHEV solution (HS2), and the first Punch electric powertrain on the market.

Source: Punch Powertrain


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