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Renault invests in French electric car plant upgrade

Renault Kangoo Maxi ZE

Renault will invest more than 1 billion euros to increase EV production capacity in France and add new models

Renault Group is accelerating the deployment of its Drive The Future strategic plan with an investment of more than 1 billion euros for the development and production of electric vehicles in France.

With the aim of strengthening the leadership of its French industrial base in the growing EV market, Renault Group plans to:

  • Introduce a new Alliance electric platform in Douai to create a second Renault EV production site;
  • Double ZOE production capacity and the launch of a new ZOE at Flins, the only ZOE production site in the world;
  • Triple electric motor production capacities at Cleon and introduce a new generation electric motor from 2021.
  • Invest in Maubeuge for the production of the next generation of the Kangoo family, including the electric utility vehicle Kangoo ZE.

In an EV market with strong potential, the Alliance is the world leader in electric vehicles and Renault Group is the leader in Europe. Renault posted 38% growth in EV sales in Europe, with a 44% increase in ZOE registrations and a 23.8% market share in 2017.

Renault previously announced that it plans to recruit 5,000 employees on permanent contracts in France between 2017 and 2019 and to spend 235 million euros on training over the same period.

Focused on the future, Renault’s plants are adapting to meet the demands of their customers and the new challenges of the automotive sector. The group intends to continue the modernisation and digitalisation of its French industrial network to ensure a high level of activity at its sites.

Source: Renault

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