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Renault provides EVs to UK council

West Sussex County Council’s new Renault ZOE’s are the council’s first all-electric vehicles

The UK’s West Sussex County Council has added four ZOE Q90 Dynamique Nav models with the Z.E.40 battery to its 530-strong fleet – its first pure EV cars.

Based at County Hall in Chichester, the models are already in service as pool cars, helping the council reduce emissions by tackling grey fleet car use and cut costs by offering staff an alternative to using their own vehicles.

Between them, the vehicles will complete several thousand journeys per year, allowing users to travel from council HQ to points as far afield as Crawley and Shoreham and back on a single charge.

Team leader for fleet resource and support at West Sussex County Council Loretta Haddow said: “We have had electric vehicles on trial and extended demos before and must have looked at every model out there but they have never been quite right for us.

“But the latest ZOE was the game changer for us and the extended range made it a viable option for the first time.

“We are really pleased that the ZOE is able to get across the county and back and we wanted to give everyone who’s going to take one of these cars the confidence to know that wherever they’re going to go they’re going to get back again.

Haddow added: “While range and emissions were the biggest factors for us, as a public sector organisation we still have to present a compelling business case before adding new vehicles to our fleet. In this case, the ZOE ticked all the boxes in terms of whole life costs.”

ZOE is the best-selling electric car in Europe with more than 100,000 ZOE sold since launching in 2013 with over 6,000 in the UK.

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