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Renault Symbioz concept explores EV connectivity

Symbioz on show in Frankfurt. Source: Renault

The Symbioz promises to be an extension of your home with the functionality of an autonomous car

Renault debuted its latest concept model – the Symbioz – in Frankfurt last month, alongside a demo home. The company’s vision for the Symbioz is structured around interconnectivity between car and home in the future, something which director of design, Stéphane Janin, spoke about at the launch.

“The car allows passengers to feel at home when travelling, thanks to the interior design. It is underpinned by the idea of maximising the available space for the passengers, without taking anything away from comfort and modularity.”

Renault said this was one vision of how autonomous EVs arriving around 2023 might look. The model would be able to recognise passengers and drivers, and adjust settings to previously adapted individual preferences, although it did not provide more specific details on connectivity and entertainment options available for users.

What makes the Symbioz interesting is the level to which the car has the ability to work in harmony with your home and gadgets. It offers users the flexibility to access their digital lives including music, social media –even providing an image of who is ringing your doorbell remotely – all of which are made available to users through the smart connection that links home devices and car.

That also extends to its power-sharing technology. Renault displayed the demo as a product anticipating customers future needs, with kilowatt-hours being distributed between car and home through a smart grid that can alter distribution of energy dependent on the user’s needs. For example, if a weekend trip is planned, the system is capable of fully charging the battery of the car on the Friday whilst turning down the home’s heating overnight.

Symbioz concept art. Source: Renault
Symbioz concept art. Source: Renault

That said, much of this functionality is already present in existing products, and some have questioned to what extent consumers will delegate a car to do tasks already managed by their phone.

Renault certainly has some sound ideas in it futuristic vision – but we’re not sure we’ll be seeing an EV that much resembles the Symbioz when 2023 rolls around.


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