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Renault unveils new commercial EVs in Brussels

The new Kangoo ZE. Source: Renault

French automaker introduced Kangoo ZE and brand new Master ZE at Brussels Motor Show

As one of Europe’s leaders in electric transportation, it perhaps comes as no surprise that Renault is leading the charge this side of the Atlantic when it comes to commercial EVs. The French company unveiled two new electric vans at the Brussels Motor Show last week: the updated Kangoo ZE as well as the brand new Master ZE designed for, according to Renault “last-mile delivery”.

The new Kangoo ZE marks a significant leap forward from its predecessor. Equipped with Renault’s new “ZE 33” battery, the vehicle offers a capacity of 33kWh and an impressive driving range of 168 miles, a 50% improvement on the previous model and the best for any electric LCV on the market. In practice, Renault predicts a “delivery cycle” range of 124 miles, which is nonetheless a 15-mile improvement on the former Kangoo ZE’s maximum range.

In addition, the Kangoo comes equipped with a 60hp electric motor, an HVAC heat pump to maintain range in cold weather and a 7kW WallBox charger that can get the van to 100% capacity in six hours.

The Master ZE is an EV version of the heavier Master van, and Renault’s latest model to go electric. Also using the “ZE 33” battery, it has a maximum range of 124 miles, a motor capable of 76hp and can also be fully-charged in a total of six hours.

The unveiling of the two vans coincides with Renault’s push to encourage businesses to adopt its EVs. The automaker already offers connected services to private EV owners in Europe, and later this year will be introducing its new Fleet Management service. This will provide business customers with valuable information about their fleets and help lower the cost of ownership.

In addition, the new Predictive Maintenance service will continuously assess the condition of a vehicle, plan ahead for maintenance and generally help owners keep their vans in better nick. The more time a car has to spend in maintenance, the less money it is earning, making such a program an attractive offer. Renault is hoping that the level of service provided will encourage a smoother adoption of its commercial EVs.

The Kangoo ZE will be available in Europe from the middle of 2017 with the Master ZE hitting the market later in the year. Only time will tell whether businesses choose to adopt the vehicles, but considering the specs and services on offer, the French automaker has certainly made a strong appeal.


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