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Ricardo to integrate Fisker’s 800V electric powertrain

Fisker EMotion EV. Source: Fisker

Ricardo to assist with powertrain, battery module design, fast-charging and system integration as part of the partnership

Fisker has announced a strategic partnership with Ricardo to integrate an 800V powertrain into its upcoming flagship EV, the Fisker EMotion. The partnership will include integration of Fisker’s proprietary 800V Ultra Charger, 800V Battery Pack and e-axle systems.

The EMotion powertrain is based on an 800V high voltage system architecture, which includes the motors, inverters and power electronics. LG Chem will deliver 21700 cylindrical cells based on NCM chemistry that are structured into Fisker’s battery pack.

The exact details of the proprietary charging method are still held closely but will be debuted  – along with the EMotion itself – at the 2018 CES show in the Quanergy Systems Booth (#3315). All vehicle system controls will also be part of the Ricardo-Fisker partnership.

The benefits of a 800V electrification system are thinner lighter cables cables, smaller  more efficient motors, lower system weight, less heat generation, lower manufacturing costs, faster charging and higher power throughput.

“For the past year, we’ve been in stealth mode talking about our technology without discussing partners. With CES being the Global Debut of the Fisker EMotion, we are now starting to share who our partners are. Ricardo is, without question, a global leader in powertrain integration,” said founder and CEO Henrik Fisker. “We are setting the benchmark high with the EMotion and Ricardo is yet another partner that will help make  the EMotion truly a world-class vehicle.”

“I am pleased that Ricardo will be working with Fisker Inc., to overcome the challenges associated with integrating ultra-high voltage, energy storage, components and wide band gap semiconductors” said Ricardo US President Paul Rivera. “We look forward to partnering with Henrik Fisker – arguably one of the most well-known automotive designers in the world – and his team to bring the Emotion premium electric vehicle to market, while generating advanced technical solutions that benefit our customers.”

Source: Ricardo


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