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Rimac C_TWO unveiled in Geneva

Rimac C_TWO

Rimac’s follow up to the Concept_One, the C_TWO is a 258mph electric supercar which might give the Roadster a run for its money

Last month, speculation was building around Croatian supercar maker Rimac’s plans for its newest electric model. Rumours suggested that the successor to the company’s eye-wateringly fast Concept_One would be faster, have a greater range and cost more than its older sibling, but also that Rimac had raised its game following news of the new 200kWh Tesla Roadster.

The final unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show confirmed much of that was true. Shortening its naming convention, Rimac promised that the C_TWO was “a car as bespoke as it is user-friendly”.

Importantly, it seems to have delivered on its main ambitions of acceleration and speed. According to its designers the C_TWO will manage 0-60mph in 1.85 seconds (although it concedes there is a one foot roll out in that measurement), which puts it just about on par with the Roadster’s vaunted 0-62mph in 1.9 seconds. That said, its top speed of 258mph is unlikely to leave anyone disappointed.

Design-wise, it also lives up to expectations. Made of carbon fibre with a bonded carbon roof, the company’s signature ‘tie’ design has all the hallmarks of a classic supercar, but the body also acts as an air-intake for the rear cooling systems. The dipped bonnet also includes active flaps which alter the car’s aerodynamics and help to boost performance, while a front splitter helps maintain that profile and again cool the electronics and battery systems.

Butterfly doors make a similarly bold statement.

The battery is indeed the 120kWh as expected, and is comprised of 6,960 cylindrical 21700 cells, which should offer around 650km (403 miles) of range based on the generous NEDC rating. Four in-wheel motors allow precise application of up to 2,300 Nm of collective torque and “minute calibration of behaviour, from rear-biased, driftable sportscar to a machine that can meter traction perfectly on” Rimac adds.

Sensors in the front grille aid collision avoidance and evasive control systems, and even help the car adapt to various weather conditions. There are enough systems to ready the C-TWO for Level 4 autonomy, the controls for which have been developed in-house by Rimac.

Rimac has said the C_TWO will be sold globally in a limited run of 100, with 20 units expected to be produced in the first year. If you’d like one of them to be you, you can already enquire on the company’s website – but given the performance and looks promised here, we reckon there might already be a long wait.


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