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SEA Electric launches trucks in US

SEA Electric’s trucks are based on Ford and Isuzu models

Australian automotive tech company, SEA Electric, will launch its brand in the US – with two display trucks. The vehicles are based on popular Ford and Isuzu platforms as part of a showcase at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis next month.

In April the trucks, which are at an advanced build stage, will also appear at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo.

The Ford F-59 ‘Stripped Chassis’ is being built at Ford’s DCP assembly facility in Detroit while the Isuzu NRR is being assembled nearby at a third-party plant.

As part of its expansion the company has established a site in Los Angeles where it has recently appointed its first US-based employees to oversee the newest products and future projects through US certification and distribution.

Establishing a foothold in the US is a logical first step forward for the company according to SEA Electric group managing director Tony Fairweather. “We see a lot of opportunities in the States, it’s an extremely large commercial vehicle market with a strong interest in sustainability – the US is an important part of our growth plans,” he said.

“The country’s high urbanisation and sprawling cities also provide conditions where EV can deliver operators a lot of efficiency gains, not to mention the obvious environmental benefits,” said Fairweather.

The Ford F-59 Stripped Chassis is powered by the SEA-Drive 120b power-system which produces 150 kW of continuous power and 250 kW of maximum power.

In addition to this the vehicle delivers continuous torque of 1,230 Nm and a maximum torque figure of 2,500 Nm SEA Electric said in a statement. The Pantech-bodied Isuzu NRR also features the SEA-Drive 120b power-system.

With operating ranges of up to 350 km, both vehicles according to SEA Electric remove ‘range angst’ for operators.

Shortly following the Work Truck Show, both vehicles will enter in-service trials with major US fleets.

SEA Electric also has a Ford Transit van programme underway which will enter a trial stage in April. This van features the SEA Drive 70 power-system which provides continuous power of 75 kW, maximum power of 134 kW and 700 Nm of maximum torque for an operating range of up to 350 km also (220 miles).

Batteries for all three vehicles can be fully charged overnight in 4-6 hours using a 20 kW on-board charger. This allows them to be plugged-in and charged from any three-phase power source.

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