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SipaBoards Prosper with Electric Stand Up Paddle Boards (Electric Vehicles Research)

SipaBoards self-­inflating and jet­propelled smart SUP picked up a prestigious Red Dot Award in 2015, taking the honors in the competition’s Best of the Best. The Slovenian startup’s recognition came after a summer that saw them run a successful crowdfunding campaign and continue with direct sales online.

Now SipaBoards has introduced the Fisherman. The sleek and smart design has a self-­inflation feature and motor­assist helps paddlers overcome difficult winds and currents, extend their range, and find that idyllic hidden spot. The compressor’s barely audible motor gives an extra boost to follow the fish anywhere, without scaring them off.

The heart of every SipaBoard is a jet propulsion engine with an integrated compressor – the SipaDrive. This pumps up the SUP in less than 5 minutes, and then makes it smoother and more stable when you get going. The jet-propulsion system is hidden inside the plastic housing built into the board. It provides 3 hours of fully assisted cruising at a speed of 2 knots and propulsion is controlled using buttons on the supplied Bluetooth-equipped paddle.

The Fisherman will be on sale this summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Attribution: http://www.electricvehiclesresearch.com

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