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SMA Solar and Audi to integrate e-mobility into HEMS

SMA Solar Technology is partnering with Audi to have ‘intelligent charging functions’ optimised for solar in the upcoming e-tron quattro electric SUV

SMA Solar Technology AG and Audi are cooperating in the field of e-mobility. As part of the collaboration, the partners are linking the Audi e-tron electric model to SMA’s Home Energy Management System (HEMS). This enables cost-optimised charging and sustainable photovoltaic power upon request.

With the “connect” charging system and an appropriately equipped HEMS, customers can use variable electricity tariffs for charging the Audi e-tron.

This means that the battery can be loaded with electricity at low-cost times while taking into account personal mobility needs, such as departure time or charging level.

The “connect” charging system receives the necessary power tariff data either from the HEMS or from individually stored customer information in the myAudi portal.

If the house has a PV system, it is possible for the customer to optimise the charging process in such a way that the Audi e-tron can give priority to its self-generated electricity for charging. For this, the electric SUV takes into account forecast sunshine phases provided by the HEMS and the flow of current from the house connection.

The customer also benefits from power outage protection from the intelligent charging functions. The customer can always use the maximum available power that the house connection and the car allow for charging.

The charging system takes into account the needs of other appliances and thus avoids overloading the utilities connection and triggering the main fuse.

Customers can view their individual charging statistics and the charging process in the myAudi portal and on the myAudi app. The relevant costs are also presented in detail in addition to the charging times and the amount of electricity used. The data is stored on a protected server and can be evaluated and exported in the portal.

The solution will be available from the first quarter of 2019.

Source: SMA Solar Technology

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