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Sondors to launch $10k EV

E-bike maker Sondors is planning to produce a three-wheeled electric car that will cost as little as US$10,000

A campaign to raise money for the development is to start soon, on crowdfunding site StartEngine. The so-called ‘Model SONDORS’ will seat 3 adults, and is expected to come with a choice of battery pack options for 50, 100 or 200 miles on one charge.

According to details uncovered by Elektrek, the company is apparently looking to raise US$1 million to fund the R&D necessary to develop the EV, via the issuing of shares valued at around US$12 each.

A sleek and black model of the car had been teased on social media, followed by a blue model on September 30.

Hopes are high, given that Sondors’ crowdfunded e-bike was unusually successful. The vehicle, with 350W of power, had as much as 50 miles of range, and prices started at US$500. Not only that, with 15,000 backers and US$6 million raised, the company actually delivered on its crowdfunding promise, unveiled on Indiegogo.

However, being able to ramp up, develop and commercialise a production EV may be another matter entirely.

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