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Sweden aims for Leading Edge in natural graphite

Graphite production at LEM's Woxna mine.

Leading Edge Materials joins in “Natural Swedish Graphite for Future Lithium Ion Batteries”.

The The Natural Swedish Graphite project is focused on the application and optimisation of high purity natural graphite as anode material for lithium-ion batteries, using material sourced from Woxna project in Sweden. Major funding is provided by Vinnova, a Swedish government agency working under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation to promote research investment.

Leading Edge Materials, an investor focused on new energy technologies and energy storage, is a founding participant in the project, along with the Ångström Advanced Battery Centre, Uppsala University, Sweden.

The Natural Swedish Graphite project brings together a very knowledgeable team with decades of lithium ion battery research and development experience. Led by Uppsala University’s Professor Kristina Edström, the ÅABC is the largest battery research group in the Nordic countries with research focused on all aspects of the chemistry of rechargeable batteries and fuel cells. The total project budget is SEK 1.75 million (US$214,487) and is scheduled to run until Q3 2019.

Professor Kristina Edström stated “ÅABC is looking forward to working with Woxna battery graphite to develop a superior anode material both technically and environmentally for the future cell manufacturers in Europe and the world.”

The project’s aims include:

• The manufacture of natural graphite powder with optimised particle size distribution and shape to facilitate rapid lithium movement;
• Optimisation of the purification process with as low environmental impact as possible;
• Testing of graphite electrodes using new processes and binders for commercialization;
• Development of polymeric composites that withstand long term exposure to high temperatures and humidity by using graphene as diffusion barrier.

Blair Way, President and CEO, stated “The Ångström Centre is highly regarded globally with many decades of lithium ion battery research and development. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Professor Edström and her team on the further development of natural graphite from Woxna for high value anode materials.”

Source: Leading Edge Materials


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