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Tacita launches all-electric cruiser

Tacita T-Cruise

Italian company Tacita has launched an electric motorcycle cruiser with a range of up to 168 miles

At the American International Motorcycle Expo earlier this year, Italy’s Tacita launched its newest all-electric motorcycle: the T- Cruise. Although Tacita has been building electric motorcycles since 2011, this is its first attempt at converting the typically petrol-heavy cruiser crowd.

While the sound of the traditional V-Twin engine may be gone, Tacita has made sure its range remains. The T Cruise comes with three different battery packs variants depending on desired mileage and price range. Options include a 7.5 kWh for $10,999, 15 kWh for $14,999 and 27 kWh for $24,999. A 7.5 kWh cruiser can go up to 50 miles, the 15 kWh can go almost double that reaching around 93 miles, and the 27 kWh up to 168 miles.

What’s perhaps most impressive is the 27kWh pack, exceeding the range and battery capacity even of popular full-size passenger EVs. The Kia Soul EV has a battery capacity of 27kWh and costs $39,565. However, it does not match the range of the 27kWh Tacita. The Kia Soul can reach 132 miles on a single charge whereas the T-Cruise can reach 168 miles.

The Tacita electric cruiser comes equipped with an on board charger and fast charger that can be plugged into level 1,2 or 3 stations. The fast option takes 40 minutes and home charging can take up to 7 hours with a 220V outlet 16A.

The cruiser motor generates 30 kilowatts (40 horsepower) at 8,000 rpm and 70 Newton-meters (52 pound-feet) of torque. It has a liquid cooling system which allows it to reach this speed without the risk of overheating.

Unusually for a motorcycle, the T-Cruise also uses a unique five-speed gearbox with hydraulic clutch (compared with the normal single speed gearbox found on most other electric motorcycles). This, the company says, ensures the best gear ratio for every situation and reduces the overheating of the engine and the consumption of electricity.

Tacita T-Cruise
Tacita T-Cruise

The Tacita T-cruise is impressive for the first electric cruiser the company has released. The option of a high battery capacity and range which can match and surpass many electric cars is available and for a cheaper price. It also shows the potential for some innovative ideas, like the gearbox and liquid cooling features.

Matching a classic cruiser on range and speed, the only question is whether the mammoth torque of the T-Cruise is enough to convince lovers of the classic Harley Davidson pining for its signature V-Twin rumble. Let us what you think below.


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