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Electric Flight Waiting on Better Batteries (Irish Times)

There are numerous reasons for investing more in electric flight research. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, the technology necessary is much simpler than traditionally powered aircraft. Getting beyond the two-seat, training-size aircraft, however, is the major challenge. Electric flight will only take off if better batteries can be developed. “There are …

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CAA Relaxes Rules of Flight Testing Experimental Aircraft (Pilot Web)


The CAA has introduced simpler requirements, known as E Conditions, for approving the initial flight testing of small experimental aircraft. The new requirements allow aircraft designers to try out a new concept aircraft up to a maximum take-off weight of 2,000kg in the air without going through the costly and time-consuming …

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NASA “X-Plane” due to Fly in 2017 (Pilot Web)

At the Armstrong Flight Research Center development is continuing on the new all electric X-Plane.  The plan is to equip a Tecnam P2006T with a new 31ft-span LEAPTech wing on which will be mounted eighteen electric motors and propellers powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries, replacing the aircraft’s twin piston …

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