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Zenyatta to concentrate on graphene-enhanced li-ion batteries

Source: Rutgers University-New Brunswick / Shutterstock

Graphene producer Zenyatta Ventures is to concentrate efforts on next-generation lithium-ion battery development using advanced nanomaterials Zenyatta Ventures, a mineral development company based in Ontario, has said it concentrate efforts on producing next generation lithium-ion batteries based on “advanced nanomaterials.” Graphite producer Zenyatta has already used graphene oxide (GO) combined …

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Airbus and Williams co-op on Zephyr UAV

Airbus Zephyr UAV

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus to work with EV and automotive engineer Williams on composites and battery technology for solar-powered Zephyr drone Airbus and Williams Advanced Engineering are to co-operate on new technology for Airbus’ Zephyr drone programme. Williams, perhaps best known for its expertise and contribution to Formula One and other …

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Cathode recycling tech could make spent batteries as good as new

Yang Shi and Zheng Chen
Source: UC San Diego News Center

A University of California SD nanoengineering team has developed an energy-efficient cathode recycling process that could fully restore the storage and charging capabilities of spent lithium ion batteries. Professor Zheng Chen and a team of scientists at University of California’s San Diego Department of NanoEngineering have been working towards solving the …

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SLAC project aims to cram more lithium into battery cathodes

SLAC and Stanford researchers at an SSRL beamline used for battery research. From left: SLAC staff scientists Apurva Mehta and Kevin Stone; Stanford graduate students Will Gent and Kipil Lim; and SLAC distinguished staff scientist Mike Toney. (Dawn Harmer/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)

New research from SLAC aims to understand degradation in lithium-rich cathodes, with the hope of designing new, higher-capacity EV batteries Researchers from universities, government laboratories and battery maker Samsung have been investigating how to pack more lithium into battery cathodes, with a view to creating more energy-dense cells. While enriching …

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BMW to put €200 million into Battery Cell Competence Centre

BMW Group Board of Management at the BCCC Ceremony in Munich
Source: BMW

BMW Group has announced details of its upcoming electric drivetrain and will invest €200 million in a new Battery Cell Competence Centre. BMW Group has announced some of its spending plans on electrification technologies over the next four years. Specifically, the interdisciplinary Battery Cell Competence Centre, opening early in 2019 …

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