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Shanghai Edrive opens fuel cell facility

Technicians at Ballard’s fuel cell stack production facilities in Burnaby, Canada.

Shanghai Edrive site will assemble Chinese-produced Ballard fuel cell stacks into 30kW and 85kW FCEV engines Ballard Power Systems has announced that a subsidiary of Broad-Ocean Motor – Shanghai Edrive – has commissioned a fuel cell manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China. Shanghai Edrive will assemble Ballard FCveloCity® 30kW and 85kW fuel …

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China to motivate EV uptake with new green licence plates

New green licence plate issued by Chongqing. Source: Yicai

China’s Traffic Management Bureau, part of the Ministry of Public Security, has released further details about its national scheme to use green licence plates to designate electric and hybrid vehicles. The scheme has been successfully piloted in Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Jinan, and Shenzhen, meaning that the country has decided to continue …

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“Trackless electric train” tested in China

Electrans train

China’s CRRC promises an electric train without tracks, but range and charging times may need improvement Electric trams and trains are a favourite of efficient transport planners, but cities do not always have the infrastructure, space or budget to create new systems. One solution proposed by China’s CRRC Corp. is …

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