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Edmunds too quick to suggest gloomy outlook for EVs

Source: Renault-Nissan and Transdev

Rather than drawing correlations between a cut in incentives and a dead EV market, this study indicates that more accurate research is needed. For example, further market research into the stage in the buying process at which people begin looking at boring things like rebates and financial incentives. When do people get excited about EVs? Do people look into purchasing an EV to save money, to save the environment, or with an eye on the future of oil reserves? Are EVs still a niche because of lack of financial incentive, or because of lack of charging stations?

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First Student-led Transit Agency in the US to Prioritize EV Mass Transit (Electric Cars Report)

Electric bus manufacturer Proterra announced that it will begin supplying buses to campus locations nationwide as university systems, both urban and suburban, realize the economic viability and environmental necessity of sustainable transport. Its first university customer, the Associated Students of the University of Montana (ASUM) Transportation, has ordered two Proterra …

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ACEA: Alternative Fuel Vehicle registrations +20.0% in 2015; +21.1% in Q4 (Automotive World)

In the fourth quarter of 2015, total alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) registrations in the EU continued the positive momentum (+21.1%), totalling 164,718 units. Of these, electric vehicle (EV) registrations showed a substantial increase (+160.5%), more than doubling. EV registrations rose from 22,531 units in Q4 2014 to 58,689 units in …

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PwC’s Autofacts Group: EV Sales on the Rise in Europe (Green Car Congress)

PwC’s Autofacts group estimates sales of pure electric, plug-in mild and full hybrids will grow 433% to 2.2 million units by 2021, driven by a number of factors, including regulatory pressure.  Pure electric and plug-in hybrids vehicle sales grew 82.2% from September 2014 to September 2015, as opposed to mild …

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