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Researchers report high performance solid-state sodium-ion battery

Yan Yao, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Houston

University researchers have developed an organic cathode that offers improved stability and energy density Solid-state sodium-ion batteries are safer than conventional lithium-ion batteries, which pose a risk of fire and explosions. However, solid-state sodium-ion batteries’ performance has been too weak to offset the safety advantages. Researchers at the University of …

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Faraday awards to accelerate emerging battery technology

Prototype production of future battery modules for BMW's fifth-generation BMW Group e-drive train.
Source: BMW

The Faraday Institution earmarks up to £42 million to fund four UK battery research projects The Faraday Institution is the UK’s independent national battery research institute, and was established as part of the government’s £246 million investment in battery technology through the Industrial Strategy. Its most recent award this week …

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DoE lab investigates solid-state Mg battery

Magnesium alloy engine blocks - By CSIRO, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=35482531

Magnesium-based electrolyte proven to be a viable conductive material, but a functional solid-state battery remains some way off As researchers search for alternatives to lithium-ion battery architectures, magnesium has proved a potentially intriguing technological avenue. However, while previous attempts have focused on using liquid electrolytes, a new study from scientists …

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“Expensive” battery EVs not a fit for Toyota, says chairman

Toyota chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada in 2015. Source: Toyota

Current battery technology and expense means EVs are not ready for mass production, Toyota’s chairman said in an interview Electric cars are not yet ready for the mainstream, the chairman of Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp told Der Spiegel. “Battery-powered cars with a long range are very expensive and it takes …

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Dyson promises “radical” EV by 2020

Sketches made by James Dyson for cyclonic exhaust capture technology.

British inventor to invest GBP2bn in EV and battery research UK-based inventor and engineer James Dyson has confirmed plans to design and manufacture an electric vehicle. The announcement, made Tuesday September 26, confirms long-running rumours that his eponymous consumer goods company, Dyson, would be entering the electric transportation market. Details …

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Drexel designs new supercap fabric

Capacitor production

Spongey nanofibre material holds gel electrolyte, helping to reduce battery malfunction and increase energy density Drexel University researchers have created a “fabric-like material electrode” that could enable the manufacture of safer, faster batteries and supercapacitors. The group has designed a new supercapacitor, which looks “like a furry sponge infused with …

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