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Drexel designs new supercap fabric

Capacitor production

Spongey nanofibre material holds gel electrolyte, helping to reduce battery malfunction and increase energy density Drexel University researchers have created a “fabric-like material electrode” that could enable the manufacture of safer, faster batteries and supercapacitors. The group has designed a new supercapacitor, which looks “like a furry sponge infused with …

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Super results from supercap team


University of Washington researchers have produced new aerogel-based supercapacitor electrodes which could aid EVs and hydrogen production Whatever route future energy storage technology takes, supercapacitors will be an essential component. Although less energy-dense than batteries, they can store and deliver their energy much faster, meaning they are sought after for …

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Cambridge research could unlock graphene superconductors


New paper suggests that coupling graphene with another material could enable it to superconduct, opening up applications in computing and energy storage Since its discovery in 2004, scientists have believed that graphene may have the innate ability to superconduct. Now Cambridge researchers have found a way to activate that previously …

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