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Tata Power launches new charging facility

Tata Power has launched its first EV charging point in Mumbai, as it seeks to drive the Indian car industry to full electric power by 2030.

Tata Power has announced it is launching a new charging facility for electric vehicles. The news comes at an interesting time for Indian EV expansion, given Tesla’s announcement that it will delay sales of Tesla models in India for another year. Tata Power has specified that it has installed it’s first electric vehicle charging facility at Vikhroli, in Mumbai.

The Indian conglomerate said in a statement that its “aim is to build a network to make it easier for people to adopt to electric vehicles and be future ready.” They further said “We are moving towards clean power for all and it is our endeavour to provide best of the solutions for our country to achieve a greener tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, Tesla will have to suspend its push into the lucrative Indian market for now. Well-publicised issues surrounding manufacturing and local content laws have meant the EV pioneer will stay out of the market for the next 12 months or so, instead focusing on Model 3 production in the US.

This is despite substantial business opportunity in India, especially since luxury car sales have been on the rise recently, and trend that is predicted to continue (more than 10% in 2017, 42% and 21% in 2018 and 2019, respectively, according to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM).

Tata aims to set up charging stations in various locations in Mumbai, with plans to complete the network by late 2018. This will be key to the country achieving its goal of shifting to electric vehicles by 2030. For green transport advocates the announcement is of course good news. However, there may yet be pushback from car companies with established fossil fuel supply chains.

Despite the delays, when Tesla does arrive in an India keen to transition away from fossil fuels, it should hopefully find a substantial Tata-built charging network in place – at least in Mumbai.


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