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Tesla completes first production Model 3

Tesla Model 3 SN1. Source: Tesla

Tesla’s first Model 3 rolled off the production line on July 8

It’s finally here.

The arrival of Tesla’s first production Model 3 was officially announced via tweet by Elon Musk on Saturday, July 8.

Serial Number 1, or SN1, was gifted to Musk for his birthday by board member and long-time Tesla investor Ira Ehrenpreis. Of the limited options available to him (colour and wheel size), Musk has evidently gone for black and 19” wheels.

The simplest orders will be processed first, as the company works to manage a ramp-up in production – hence the limited range of specifications open to the early buyers. More options are expected to be available as volume grows.

Although the exterior looks exactly as imagined in previous prototypes and renders, detailed pictures of the interior or roof have not yet surfaced. Likewise, Musk and the company have not yet confirmed the battery size and – for now at least – the SN1 remains unbadged. We will update this story as we know more.

However, a video taken as the Tesla team drove the vehicle around the Fremont factory does offer hints as to the wheel layout and centre console. See more below:



Prices for the EV start at US$35,000. Potential customers have been able to pre-order it since March 2016, and currently more 400,000 have put down a deposit.

The company now intends to build 30 more Model 3s in time for a launch event on July 28, where they will be handed over to the first official customers.



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