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Tesla launches workplace charging program, expands home installations

Tesla charger system in a car port.

The automaker aims to provide a one-stop shop for charging services at home and in the workplace – but just for Tesla EVs

Tesla launched an installation service for home chargers systems last year, and is now looking to expand the offering to a variety of new markets. The expansion sees numerous US states now offered the option of a charging point at home as part of the buying package.

Tesla aims to make the buying experience for EVs as seamless as possible for customers, with accessibility to charging infrastructure being a huge concern for owners and potential buyers. However, the installation of such a charger in your home does not come cheap.

For around $1,000 a Tesla engineer will install a charging point within a short distance of a parking spot at your home. Run from a 240V outlet, the system offers a maximum rate of 16.5kW. Additional charges may be incurred if extra electrical upgrades or work is required.

That might not be much in comparison to the company’s Superchargers, which can provide up to 120kW and a range of 170 miles in around 30 minutes. But for the average household consumer charging a car overnight, the time taken to charge their vehicles may not be the main concern.

In tandem with its Solar Roof and Powerwall products, Tesla is keen to emphasise and expand the ecosystem and infrastructure around domestic charging – and installing an EV charger alongside these services makes a great deal of sense as the next logical step. It also reaffirms statements made by CEO Elon Musk last year that Tesla would become a one-stop shop for the whole domestic energy service.


Making it work

However, it’s not just focusing on the home for its charging points – Tesla has also launched a new workplace charging program. This will see it offer charging points in the form of wall connectors – for free – to parking lots at workplaces across the US.

Businesses wishing to be involved must meet a set of qualifications and apply to the program, but as far as we can tell the material system itself would be free.

However, the businesses themselves are then responsible for the cost of the electricity used, alongside any zoning, construction or labour costs in fitting the system. These charging points will be the same as those provided to customers at home.

The automaker released a statement regarding the importance on providing a variety of charging options to its consumers:

“As Tesla’s fleet continues to grow, it is more important than ever for our customers to be able to easily charge their cars where they park. The most convenient way to charge is to plug in overnight at home, and for most people, this is all that is needed. For others, such as those who live in an apartment, Tesla is introducing its new Workplace Charging program. Charging at work is simple and convenient, just plug in and your car is charged by the time you’re done for the day.”

Helping businesses and employers offer options to encourage low-carbon transport should of course be commended, but it is worth noting that Tesla EVs use a unique own-brand connector. As such, the programme will only be of benefit to Tesla drivers and not owners of other EV models – a helpful step along the way, but not an overnight infrastructural revolution.


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