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Tesla leads by example: all-electric service vehicles on the way

Tesla's mobile service vans. Source: DAGERY /Reddit

Tesla is reportedly bringing out an all-electric service fleet to provide maintenance for its customers.

Electrek has revealed that Tesla is planning to replace all of the company’s service fleet with vehicles based on the Model S and Model X.

President of Global Sales and Services, Jon McNeill, elaborated on Tesla’s reasoning: “We didn’t think that it was very cool to show up to fix an electric vehicle with a combustion engine van. It really bugged us. Some really savvy technicians on our team figured out how to retrofit Model X to fit all the tooling and parts needed to do service.”

The information was reportedly relayed to the site by attendees of Tesla’s recent ‘owner’s social’ in Amsterdam.

If the news is true, it’s a step in the right direction for the automaker. Currently, 80% of Tesla’s servicing is done through ICE vans, and the figure is likely to be even more for car makers who are not as EV-dedicated. But, as McNeill added, “it will be an electric vehicle fixing an electric vehicle” – which is bound to be a good thing.

The plan also fits in with Tesla’s proposed strategy to increase its service fleet and operators to 350 vehicles and 1,400 technicians. Dedicated maintenance plans and innovative technology will come into play, as in-car scheduling will be added, allowing users can do everything from their vehicles.

The modifications will attract the need for approval from road authorities so it will be interesting to see exactly how the Model S and Model X will be retrofitted. With the announcement that Tesla is launching a fully electric heavy duty truck as well, there’s the potential for all types of service vehicles to use the same technology.

Obviously, the news has to be properly verified by Tesla, and more information is needed in terms of how different road rules will apply. Similarly, it would be interesting to see if Tesla decides to design a service-specific vehicle, that could be sold to other companies, rather than just retrofitting its current fleet. In any event, the move should also motivate other automakers to put more effort into all-round electrification and support of zero-emission operations.


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