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Tesla S 100D swaps power for range

Source: Tesla

Tesla offers sense over speed with quiet launch of 100D variant for Models S and X

Tesla has quietly unveiled a new 100 kWh battery option that gives one of its electric car models a longer battery range than any rival EV on the road.

The Model S 100D sedan now offers an (EPA-rated) range of 540km on a single charge. However it maintains its somewhat eye-watering base price of US$92,500, before tax credits.

The Model X SUV is now also available with the new 100D battery option, offering a rated range of 475 km.

The Model S 100D’s range is 32 km higher than of the California car-maker’s more expensive Model P100D, and 66 km more than its S 90D. Ditching the “performance drivetrain” of the P100D not only makes the latest iteration cheaper, but also slightly more efficient – hence the added range. However, at 4.2 seconds, it will take you almost 2 seconds longer to get from 0-60mph. The shame…

As Engadget points out, the 100D seems to be positioned as a mark-up offering for customers considering the 90kWh Models. For a few thousand dollars more you could add an extra 40 miles to the car’s range – something of a no-brainer by the time you’re spending over US$90,000 on an EV.

Although the price is steep, the 100D and its high-performance sibling go considerable lengths in the elimination of range anxiety, but do push these models further from the mass-market price point of the Model 3 and its competitors. The mass-priced Chevy Bolt EV has, by comparison, a range of 383 km on a full charge, but at a price one-third of the Model S 100D.

Given that CEO Elon Musk has intimated that 100 kWh is probably the largest battery pack that the company will produce for EVs, at least in the medium term, the next challenge will be in driving down costs even further, where possible.


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