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Tesla to “slow down” deliveries in Norway

Tesla Supercharger in Bergen, Norway.

Elon Musk says deliveries in Norway will slow down after car transporter incident

Elon Musk has directed Tesla to “slow down” on deliveries of its electric cars in Norway because of local capacity issues. The Tesla CEO tweeted his directive in response to a report that the company has faced challenges in delivering their product because of “dangerous” transporters, one of which reportedly crashed, damaging two cars.

Musk tweeted that the company would roll back deliveries to ensure the company does not exceed local capabilities to deal with orders.

The company normally ships vehicles to the Norwegian port of Drammen near Oslo, but increased demand has seen more enter Scandinavia via Gothenburg, further down the coast in Sweden, and be delivered via truck to Norway.

According to Elektrek, Tesla has also voiced its intention to use less polluting trucks to deliver its vehicles.

“We are working to clean up. The bad cargoes will be removed as soon as we find alternatives. We have asked the Norwegian Trucking Federation to help find other suppliers that have the capacity for our volume,” said a company spokesperson.

Norway has the highest penetration of EVs globally.


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