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Tesla to stop Model 3 production for six days

First Model 3 deliveries. Source: Tesla

Tesla’s troubled Model 3 will suffer another delay, but could this be the last one?

Tesla will pause production at its California factory at the end of this month to optimise the assembly line for its Model 3 sedan.

The production outage will last for six days from May 26-31.

Tesla has been looking to identify any potential bottlenecks in the production process, one that Tesla founder Elon Musk has acknowledged is complicated by its reliance on robots.

Two Tesla interns recently were able to identify one such problem in the assembly processing, netting themselves full time jobs at the company.

Tesla’s Model 3 has had a troubled history, with the company missing production targets and suspending production briefly in February and April this year.

This latest pause comes as Tesla was gearing up to increase production to 500 vehicles per day, a major step towards its target of producing 6,000 cars per week by the end of the quarter (six months later than originally planned).

At this rate, the outage will cost Tesla 3,000 cars.

Hopefully, this latest shutdown will allow Tesla to finally address the manufacturing problems that have been holding up production. Tesla previously warned that there may be up to 10 days of delays this quarter, with the latest six hitting this limit.

Tesla isn’t simply looking to overhaul its manufacturing processes either; Elon Musk announced recently that the company will undergo a major restructuring to remove organisational problems that may be impeding Model 3 production.

“As part of the reorg, we are flattening the management structure to improve communication, combining functions where sensible and trimming activities that are not vital to the success of our mission,” Musk said on a conference call.

It looks like Tesla is ready to pull out all the stops to get the Model 3 into full production. Not only is a large chunk of the EV pioneer’s profitability and financial future at stake, so too is its reputation as a reliable business partner.

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