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Tesla unveils revamped Roadster

Source: Tesla

Tesla promises updated version of its original sports EV will be the “world’s fastest production car”

A new Roadster made a somewhat surprising appearance at the reveal of Tesla’s electric truck, with a working prototype driven right off the back of the newly unveiled Tesla Semi.

Although revealed as an added cherry to the larger cake of Musk’s widely anticipated electric truck, the buzz around the Roadster is easy to understand given the promise of record breaking acceleration, range and performance.

The prototype model does 0 to 60mph in just 1.9 seconds, already trumping the Tesla Model S’s time of 2.5 seconds. But Musk was quick to note that this Roadster was a base model, perhaps hinting that the production version could even better this already impressive acceleration speed.

Not only does the Roadster have an impressive acceleration time, but it is also powered by an astounding 200 kWh battery pack, boasting a spec of 620 miles on a single charge. While the top speed is currently left at an ambiguous “about 250 mph”, it is possible that Tesla could be aiming to set another world record for a production car – with the current record sitting at 277.9mph by by the Koenigsegg’s Agera RS with a speed of 277.9 mph.


Roadster steering wheel. Source: Tesla
Roadster steering wheel. Source: Tesla


“The point of doing this is just to give a hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars.” said Musk, after announcing that the Roadster would be able to travel from LA to San Fransisco and back, at a highway speed, without recharging.

The 4-seater convertible is already available for pre-order – if you’re willing to stump up a hefty US$50,000 deposit – with an expected sale price to eventually be US$200,000. Lucky Tesla fans in attendance of the launch in California, who were willing to put down the cash were able to take a working model out for a test run.


Musk unveils the Tesla Roadster at a November 16 event in Hawthorne, CA.
Musk unveils the Tesla Roadster at a November 16 event in Hawthorne, CA.


Yet The Tesla Roadster and Semi reveal comes alongside growing concerns for the production issues plaguing the automaker, as the company struggles to iron out the issues of “production hell” faced in attempting to meet production deadlines for the incoming Model 3.

With the EV maker having to recently push back the idea of producing 5,000 units per week three months, to March, it is easy to the reveal of two new prototypes – both of which would seem to be incredible technological achievements – could be an attempt to distract investors from the automaker’s wider manufacturing issues.

With promises of production by 2020, the high-value Roadster may also be something of a buoyancy aid to future revenues.

Yet, whatever one’s opinion of the company as an investment prospect, the numerous record breaking expectations go to show that Tesla is still setting benchmarks for the rest of the EV industry to follow.


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