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TI Automotive provides plastic tank technology for Karma Automotive EV

TI Automotive plastic tanks can handle pressures generated by long range EVs

TI Automotive, a leading global supplier of automotive fluid systems technology, has announced that it will provide blow-moulded plastic fuel tanks for Karma Automotive’s luxury electric vehicle programme.

TI Automotive’s industry leading technology allows the low weight plastic tanks to handle the high vapour pressures that are created in extended range electric vehicles (EREVs) like those being produced by Karma in Southern California.

Starting next autumn, the tank will be part of a new Karma luxury EV, representing the global introduction of TI Automotive’s unique double moulded tank for HEV applications.

This innovative plastic tank, already being used by pre-production validation vehicles, not only weighs significantly less than traditional steel tanks but also tolerates fuel vapour pressurisation up to 500 mbar. This allows optimisation of the vehicle’s full electric operating range driving mode. TI Automotive manufactures this tank using its patented and 2014 PACE innovation awarded Tank Advance Process Technology (TAPT) manufacturing process.

“TI Automotive is using its design and manufacturing technologies to develop a wide range of advanced plastic tank products to meet and exceed various EREV fuel vapour pressure requirements. The double moulded tank for Karma’s vehicle represents our highest performing product for the diverse luxury EV market. Our global customers are very excited about this technology advancement as we continue to expand our fluid handling leadership,” said executive vice-president of fuel tank and delivery systems Hans Dieltjens.

Karma currently produces two luxury EVs, the Revero and limited-edition Aliso, both of which are designed to deliver distinctive luxury EV experiences through innovative design, technology and personalisation. The automaker’s future is supported by a well-funded business strategy and product plan that spans into the next decade, according to Karma chief technology officer Bob Kruse.

“We have the right people in place to achieve our goals, a robust pipeline of new products and relationships with the right partners who can help us accelerate technology and product development,” Kruse explained. “Few electric grand touring vehicles in the world can match the performance, luxury and efficiency of the current Karma Revero and TI Automotive’s innovative plastic fuel tank technology will enable our next-generation luxury electric vehicles to achieve even greater levels of performance.”

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