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Trillium debuts on-site power generation for battery electric fleets

Trillium’s on-site power generation helps prevent over reliance on grid electricity

Trillium a leading provider in alternative fuels systems and renewable fuels, is now offering on-site power generation for battery electric buses (BEBs). Trillium unveiled its latest innovative solution at the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) 2018 Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.

As transit agencies are transitioning fleets to electric buses, on-site power generation with Trillium helps communities overcome the uncertain risks associated with using utility providers for power, such as grid reliability, phased in demand changes, rate structure overhaul and infrastructure needs.

While BEBs keep communities running, on-site power generation from Trillium keeps the BEBs running. The benefits of charging off-grid include controlling power supply and cost, improved capital and operational planning, no risk of rising utility rates, cost savings for fleets of all sizes, compliance with all local codes and the use of safe, clean and reliable power.

“Growing your EV fleet should be exciting, not concerning, which is why scalability is key,” said managing director of Trillium Bill Cashmareck. “As your BEB fleet grows, Trillium can readily add or upgrade generators or battery storage to match operational demand. This ‘grow as you go’ approach avoids potential overbuilding associated with a utility upgrade.”

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