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Tropos Motors launches line of electric CUVs

Tropos' ABLE line

Tropos Technologies rebrands as Tropos Motors to focus on manufacturing of eCUVs for corporate, fleet, first-responder, agriculture, and other applications

One of the US’ major providers of street-legal  Tropos Technologies has evolved from the distributor of the Cenntro METRO to a full manufacturer of low-speed EVs and trucks. Now rebranded as Tropos Motors, the company will distribute the METRO under the new ABLE product line, as well as develop additional vehicle offerings.

The ABLE line is offers 10kW of output, has 775 ft-lbs of rear wheel torque and a towing capacity of up to 2000 pounds. It has a variable range of 40–160 miles, and a top speed of 25 mph or 35 mph as defined by local laws, or 40 mph off-road, based on customisation.

An accessory AC Power Inverter also allows it to power any 110v 15 Amp power tool.

Its first models under this new line are the ABLE FRV and Emergency Medical Service ABLE EMS™ compact utility vehicles (CUVs), aimed at the emergency/first responder market.

“The demand we see from the first responder market is for smaller and more manoeuverable vehicles to meet their operational requirements, as well as vehicles that are of automotive quality but can be used indoors,” said CEO, John Bautista. “The ABLE product line meets these needs as a dependable compact utility workhorse, that’s still street-legal.”

The ABLE EMSo bed package is designed to carry one patient on a full-sized, standard ambulance stretcher, one EMS attendant seat, secure storage for extra supplies and a fire extinguisher. The adjustable attendant seat may be locked in different locations on the seat guide rails to accommodate different emergency situations.

The zero-emissions EMSo is aimed at emergency response within large commercial buildings such as factories, arenas and stadiums.

The ABLE FRV (Fire-Response Vehicle) can transport up to 125 gallons of water to emergency locations or connect to stand-pipes, useful for extinguishing fires in spaces large and small, indoors and out. This upfit body for the standard ABLE vehicle comes with an electric rewind Hannay 4000 series reel and Scotty Around the Pump Class A foam system with 5-gallon foam cell the equivalent to up to 1000 gallons of water.

“The compact size of the ABLE FRV allows it to travel on stadium walkways and on the field, or along sidewalks within gated communities or campuses that standard trucks cannot reach,” said Harden. “We also see uses on campgrounds where sprinkler systems and fire hydrants are not available, and standard equipment may take a long time to arrive on the scene.”

Tropos notes that chassis is specifically designed for an EV. with a focus on using lightweight, modular, automotive-grade components. This makes it more stable and capable than vehicles based on repurposed designs.

Source: Tropos Motors


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