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U-turn for Porsche electrification plans

Mission E Source: Porsche

Porsche has offered up more details on its plan for the electrification of its vehicle range.

Luxury automaker, Porsche, has been somewhat withdrawn on the development of EVs compared to other brands of the same standing. However, its CEO, Oliver Blume, recently revealed details that suggest it has changed its stance on the value of the technology.

These plans involved greater production numbers for the first all-electric Porsche, the Mission E, from 20,000 units a year to at least 60,000. The Mission E concept, due for release in 2019, boasts impressive specifications. The sleek sports car promises a range of 508 km (316 miles) on one charge and top speeds of 250 km/h. Porsche has not released any definitive battery specifications but has promised that the car will have 440 kW of power behind it and inductive charging capabilities will be included.

Apart from the decision to triple production quotas for the Mission E, Porsche is also planning to unveil an electric SUV coupe by 2022. It is not completely clear if the coupe will be based on the best-selling Macan model or will be of a completely new design. What is clear, however, is that the Macan will no longer be sold with a combustion engine after 2023 – it will be only available in electric form.

Previously, Porsche was unconvinced that an electric configuration could support the speeds and drive capability that the brand is known for. However, according to Manager Magazin, the automaker has been swayed by the expectation that every other car sold will be electric by 2023. In addition to presumed pressure from parent Volkswagen Group,  it also suggests Porsche is thinking strategically. By throwing all its resources into electrification, it hopes to position itself ahead of other European automakers.

The company also running off the success of the Macan. Sales for the SUV totalled almost 100,000 last year and it clearly hopes to carry this popularity into the EV age.

It is also likely that the huge success from the likes of Tesla, alongside the buzz surrounding other luxury EV concepts from Aston Martin, Bentley, and Lucid Air, will be driving Porsche to speed up its electrification process. Despite the pressure, this new confidence may offer hope for other automakers amid the industry’s concerns surrounding Tesla’s huge market share.


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