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Uber starts UberÉLECTRIQUE in Canada

Uber teams up with AVÉQ and EMC in support of electrification in ridesharing

Uber Canada has launched the UberÉLECTRIQUE programme in Montreal in partnership with l’Association des véhicules électriques du Québec (AVEQ) and Electric Mobility Canada (EMC).

At present, there are 100 EV driver-partners on the Uber platform. Uber and its new partners will aim to assess the opportunities and challenges of electrification in ridesharing.

The UberÉLECTRIQUE programme is developed to raise awareness about the advantages of clean mobility solutions. When requesting an Uber, riders will receive an in-app notification when they have been paired with an EV. Once in the car, an AVEQ fact sheet will be offered to passengers so they can learn more about the benefits of electric mobility. When the EV trip ends, passengers will be sent an email with additional educational info on EVs.

Driver-partners will also be encouraged to choose an EV when making their next car purchase. An AVEQ booklet will be supplied which explains the economic, technical and environmental benefits of EVs. UberÉLECTRIQUE’s first 100 drivers-partners will be offered a free-of-charge AVEQ Gold Membership.

In addition, Uber has been working on a series of in-app product improvements. This includes the threshold for EV partners to be notified about a long-distance trip request will be reduced, helping them to better balance extended trips with car battery life.

“We are proud that Montreal has been chosen for the launch of the UberÉLECTRIQUE programme and we look forward to contributing to the electrification of transportation in Quebec with the support of experts from the Association des véhicules électriques du Québec and Electric Mobility Canada,” stated Jean-Christophe de Le Rue, spokesperson for Uber Canada.

“Uber and other international experts in sustainable mobility believe that the future of urban mobility needs to be shared, electric and autonomous; today’s announcement is another step towards this goal, which will reduce congestion and pollution, while offering a reliable alternative to driving your personal vehicle.”

AVÉQ has been a key supporter of transport electrification in Quebec since 2013, partnering with Nissan Canada.

EMC was founded in 2005 and is a national, not-for-profit organisation dedicated exclusively to the advancement of electric mobility.

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