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Uniti officially unveils flagship EV with 2019 production promise

Uniti One. Source: UNITI Sweden AB

The company has unveiled details and photographs of the Uniti One EV at its production plant in Landskrona.

Swedish start-up Uniti has raised over US$1 million through crowdsourcing to develop and build its affordable EV prototype for the global market. Following such a successful investment drive, the event was attended by Uniti’s partners, including Siemens, Kuka Robotics, BorgWarner, and Fanuc Roberts, all gave demonstrations in support of the EV.

The vehicle has been specifically designed for an urban environment and for users demanding an easier commute. In order to help the car to manage the demands of city driving, Uniti has installed DC charging capabilities which should allow users to add 200km of range in 30 minutes.

All in all, the Uniti One has been developed to compete with brands like smart and other small EVs. With the large amount of luxury vehicles announced this year, the Uniti One could make a refreshing change for the future of the EV

Affordability is clearly important to the creators of Uniti and perhaps, is what has caused so much interest from investors and partners. Boasting an estimated price tag of “under €19,900”, the Uniti One is offering a 300 km (186 mile) range from its modest 22 kWh battery pack. The company has also announced plans to leverage its technology for a full range of vehicles, including two, four and five-seat models, and with an even lower price point.

Considering that the car should be able to manage lots of stopping and starting, the company has not revealed particularly useful details on the Uniti One’s performance. However, we do know to expect that the car should be able to accelerate from 0 to 80 km/h in 3.5 seconds, while in “sports mode”, and it has a top speed up to 130 km/h (81 mph).

Source: Uniti Driving display
Source: Uniti
Driving display

However, the main issue plaguing EV start-ups, and obviously piquing our interest, is the actual move from development to production. According to Uniti’s website, the company is hoping to release the EV in 2019. It is likely that Uniti’s big name partners, including Siemens, will be the ones enabling the company to really make the transition to successful production.

Currently, potential buyers will only be able to order online. However, ElecTrans would expect Uniti’s partners to facilitate some type of physical sales locations and a better developed sales program, especially given the help of Siemens’ dedicated €1billion ‘next74’ program for start-ups.

Interestingly, Uniti is also undertaking a flagship ‘Green Token’ program. The green tokens can be purchased alongside the vehicle and can be “redeemed for a variety of purposes over time, and can also be used to incentivise various actions and behaviours.” It seems that these green tokens will allow certain users to access a “data pool” which will presumably allow them to provide services and products to specific people. Uniti cites one example as “a way to reward safe and energy-efficient driving behaviour which we can identify through the data we gather.”

Promises of secure privacy policies aside, such a feature is slightly ominous and will definitely need further explanation and assurances.

Ultimately, Uniti’s move from start-up to car maker is a welcome one. A new and affordable competitor to the likes of the Nissan Leaf and the Smart ForTwo will always be welcome to the EV market and the consumer’s wallet.

Check out the video of the Uniti One debut below:


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