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Uniti partners with Siemens

Uniti EV

Swedish EV start-up partners with engineering giant to support automated manufacturing

Uniti, the Swedish start-up that made headlines last year with a crowdfunded campaign to develop an affordable city-going EV, has confirmed a new partnership with Siemens.

The agreement with Siemens Nordics will make it possible to manufacture its EV in a fully automated facility in Sweden, the company said last week.

“The ‘industry 4.0’ factory will be the first of its kind in the world, focusing on sustainable manufacture of composite materials and automated vehicle assembly,” Uniti noted. “We found a way to greatly simplify the manufacturing process and exponentially reduce the carbon footprint for Uniti’s production, whilst shortening time to market and decreasing capital outlay.”

Uniti’s offering is a futuristic-looking compact EV – called Uniti – designed for travel within cities, and priced at a relatively affordable 20,000 euros (US$21,500). Weighing only 400kg, the idea is to allow practical range (150-300km) from a small battery capacity of either 11kWh or 20kWh, depending on the model chosen. Autonomous capabilities are also planned.

The latest partnership is based on Siemens’ PLM software suite. “The whole process is so perfected that the first vehicle produced on the physical production line can be sold directly to the customer with no test vehicles needed”, said Mats Friberg, the CEO of Siemens PLM Software.

“The partnership with Siemens is essential to our long-term plans as we now have the opportunity to not only develop a sustainable car, but also manufacture it in a sustainable way at a large scale, faster and with a significantly lower initial capital demand”, says Lewis Horne, CEO of Uniti, “Our fully-automated production line can basically have the lights turned off for 22 hours a day.”

Through robotic composite manufacturing and assembly, the company’s facility will be capable of producing up to 50,000 units per year within its first year of production.

The video below offers a closer look at the company’s plans and its other partnerships.

Source: Uniti


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