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Uniti reveals working prototype

Uniti's Uniti One

Uniti has revealed a prototype of its crowdfunded Uniti One.

Crowdfunded Swedish startup Uniti has revealed a working prototype of its electric vehicle, the Uniti One.

The independent group managed to raise 1.2 million euros (US$1.4 million) in funds from individual backers  for its concept.

Uniti has said that the Uniti One will come with a price tag under 19,900 euros (US$23,500).

The small city car has almost been redesigned from the ground up. It has a much smaller design than traditional cars, with a single seat in the front and one in the back, and uses a combination of joysticks and touchscreen for steering.

It comes with 22-kWh battery pack, giving it a 300-km range. The Uniti One can also utilise DC charging, adding 200 km of travel in half an hour.

Uniti has said that their EV will emit 75% less carbon over its lifespan compared to other EVs.

Uniti has partnered with Siemens Nordic to build a fully automated production facility. Of course, given that Tesla boss Elon Musk has recently admitted that reliance on robots has caused some of the delays to the company’s Model 3, relying too heavily on automation may come with its own problems.

The first units will be ready for delivery in 2019, with production increasing to 50,000 vehicles by 2020.


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