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Utility Alliance embark on a joint EV venture with EO Charging

Utility Alliance will help design and support EO Charging’s network

Utility Alliance and rapidly-growing electric vehicle charging specialists EO Charging have joined forces in a partnership that could revolutionise the UK’s EV charging market.

The largest North East-based energy consultancy has built up an excellent working relationship with around 50 of the biggest energy suppliers across the UK and Europe since its formation in 2015 and is now taking its first steps into the EV charging sector after forming a partnership with EO Charging.

The partnership will see EO’s team manufacture its EV charging technology from its Stowmarket headquarters, with Utility Alliance (UA) designing, funding, installing, operating and supporting their client’s EV charging networks. Utility Alliance has developed several innovative EV charging funding packages that enables customers to pay via their energy bills as opposed to capex funding.

The partnership is of great interest to many of Utility Alliance’s small business customers offering the option of blending the cost of establishing an EV charging portfolio into their energy bills. The costs will appear as a small add-on to kWh unit rates or standing charges. Clients will also have the option to select renewable energy supplies to further enhance the “greening” of their site(s).

Utility Alliance will work with clients to pick the correct EO hardware/software via site surveys to get the best siting and power arrangements. Installation is then provided with support of the portfolio over its lifetime.

UA will also work closely with building owners and operators to proactively solve concerns over load management. Ongoing management of the conflict between Peak Demand tariffs/costs and EV charging times can be solved by UA’s UtilitySMART+ energy management system.

EO’s industry leading charging technology ranges from a single-point, wall mounted, free to charge package (such as the EO Mini) through to a multi-site network of Genius smart chargers that can offer both free to charge or paid plug-in sessions.

Founder and CEO at EO Charging Charlie Jardine said: “Making the switch to electric vehicles doesn’t need to be a daunting prospect for small businesses across the UK. This new partnership with Utility Alliance will not only remove the need for significant upfront investment in charging but will also allow for the associated charging costs to fit seamlessly into existing energy services and billing. Electric vehicle chargers are more than ‘just a plug’ they’re the gateway to the future of mobility and the first piece of the puzzle in giving people and businesses energy autonomy.”

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