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Vespa Elettrica unwrapped in 2018

Vespa Elettrica. Source: Piaggio

Long awaited Vespa Elettrica electric scooter now expected in 2018, with a range of around 100km

An electric scooter from Vespa is finally due in showrooms in Europe next year.

Italy’s Vespa, owned by Piaggio, took the wraps off its Elettrica electric scooter recently at the Milan motorcycle show.

The Elettrica can reportedly travel 100 km on a single charge. The Elettrica outputs a steady 2.7bhp and can go as high as 5.4 bhp – performance exceeding that of a traditional motor scooter, Piaggio says.

The model also features ‘Eco’ and ‘Power’ modes – the former limits its speed to a city-cruising 30kph.

Although exact battery size was not specified, the company notes that a full charge will take four hours, and that the pack is good for a lifetime of between 50,000 and 70,000km.

The ‘X’ hybrid model also includes a generator –a workaround for saying a petrol ICE – which Vespa says can double the range.

At last year’s Milan show, Piaggio promised that production and sale of the Elettrica would begin in mid-2017. That has evidently been pushed back – perhaps because a motor supplier had not been confirmed – but a 2018 launch does now seem firm.

It will be available in a “special chrome grey finish with metallic reflections” Piaggio says, around which customers can choose a number of details and seven colour variants. The Elettrica will be produced entirely in Pontedera, it added.

Given the brand’s iconic styling, the Elettrica is guaranteed to look good. But with a range of electric alternatives already on the market, the Elettrica will have to match those aesthetics with performance.


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