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Visteon showcases cockpit electronics technology to support EVs

Visteon will display its products at the International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition in Japan

Visteon, a leading cockpit electronics supplier, is displaying products that will help support the industry shift toward electric vehicles at the International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS31) from October 1-3, in Kobe, Japan.

EVs are a catalyst for rethinking a vehicle’s electrical architecture and upgrading the cockpit to fully digital. Visteon is well-positioned for this shift, with a technology portfolio including all-digital instrument clusters, connected infotainment, and the industry-first SmartCore cockpit domain controller, which consolidates electronic control units (ECUs) and helps reduce weight and power consumption.

At EVS31, Visteon will display a number of its products.

These include a 4K instrument cluster with integrated driver monitoring infrared cameras for facial recognition and head and eye-gaze tracking, which will be important to assessing driver readiness to resume control of an automated vehicle.

Visteon will also exhibit its DriveCore autonomous driving platform, which will provide automakers a fail-safe domain controller, with a high degree of computing power scalability, which supports the integration of data from multiple camera, lidar and radar sensors.

DriveCore is the first open platform in the industry that offers highly scalable computing power and software to perform late sensor fusion to enable rapid development of autonomous systems for Level 3 and above.

In addition, Visteon will display a low-cost, standalone V2X (vehicle-to-everything) module along with a SmartCore domain controller, launched with a European-based automaker in early 2018, which enables the integration of the instrument cluster, infotainment system and other features in a single ECU.

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