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Voltabox receives another major order for trolleybus battery systems

Voltabox’s batteries will be used in trolleybuses in Switzerland and Italy

Voltabox has announced a major order for standardised lithium-ion battery systems for trolleybuses. The newly-developed standard container presents an innovative possibility to efficiently scale trolleybus battery systems.

The order was placed by long-term customer Kiepe Electric. The delivery of the systems will begin in the middle of this year.

Each battery system is made up of three structurally identical standard containers – each of which contains 12 battery modules. With the standard container, Voltabox has developed a solution that considerably simplifies the conversion of trolleybus auxiliary drives to modern Li-ion battery systems – therefore accelerating the process of phasing out diesel backup generators, which are harmful to the environment.

Prior to that, a pilot project involving two trolleybuses to test this system solution was carried out in the Dutch city of Arnhem. As part of the long-term contract of the project, Kiepe Electric ordered 240 standard containers, which will equip trolleybuses in four cities in Switzerland and Italy.

Series production is due to start immediately, and delivery is planned to be completed by the spring of 2021.

In addition to the 240 standard containers, which contain battery modules with long-lasting, lithium titanate (LTO) cells, Voltabox will also deliver the corresponding air-conditioning systems for the liquid cooling of the battery systems.

These ensure optimal operating conditions even under high differences in temperature, as seen in many regions of Italy.

“We are very happy that a number of large European cities, as operators of trolleybus fleets, are again relying on the joint expertise of Voltabox and Kiepe Electric for the modernisation of their vehicles. In the market, this partnership is recognised as a leader in the equipment of trolleybuses with state-of-the-art drives,” said Voltabox CEO Jürgen Pampel.

“The next generation of high-performance LTO battery systems based on our standard containers allows us to offer cities and their public transport companies a smart solution to upgrade their existing trolleybus fleets with sustainable, emission-free drives in a fast and efficient manner.”

Voltabox benefits just as much from its comprehensive understanding of the market as from its high market penetration in the field of battery-powered trolleybuses. The standard container is designed to be compatible with all vehicles of the leading trolleybus manufacturers in Europe and North America and can of course be used as a traction battery for hybrid and electric buses as well.

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