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Voltia excels in German tender

Voltia Nissan eNV2000 Maxi

EV fleet manager and Streetscooter win tender for BV1 Selbsthilfgruppe

Voltia and Streetscooter have won a tender to provide up to 200 electric light commercial vehicles to the BV1 Selbsthilfgruppe, a consortium of companies in Germany interested in using electric light commercial vehicles in their operations.

Voltia and the German company Streetscooter, a part of the Deutsche Post/DHL group, were the two finalists in the highly competitive bidding process of 51 companies, which included most German automotive companies and numerous other converters. The results of the tender have been heavily anticipated in electric vehicle circles.

Voltia will offer two electric vehicles. The first is a converted all-electric Citroen Jumper, which comes in numerous sizes and can hold between 8m3 to 17m3 of cargo, payloads from 840kg – 1,200 kg, and ranges from 95km -185 km.

In addition, the Voltia-Nissan eNV200 Maxi is built on the base of the Nissan eNV200, and can hold 8m3 of cargo, up to 600 kg, and has a range of up to 140 km per charge.

“We are looking forward to working further with Voltia,” said Roland Schuren, CEO of Ihr Bäcker Schüren and organizer of the Selbsthilfgruppe. “Their vehicles most closely match our needs and they have the depth of experience, technical expertise, and adaptability we are looking for in our supplier. They also share our values, which makes them an ideal partner for us.”

“We are very excited to begin supplying our electric vehicles to the companies in the Selbsthilfgruppe,” said Oswald Brandstetter, DACH Sales Manager for Voltia. “We aim to fill gaps in the electric light commercial vehicle market so that companies can continue their operations without disruption and emissions free. Being selected along with Streetscooter is a great honor and recognition of what we’re trying to do and we look forward to working with more companies to electrify their fleets.”


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