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Volvo announces 2019 release date for first all-electric vehicle

Volvo 40.2 sedan concept

Swedish automaker states that new platform will support battery pack of up to 100kWh

Volvo has announced its commitment to releasing an all-electric vehicle in 2019 at this week’s Hybrid and EV Technologies Symposium in San Diego. The statement reaffirms a similar pledge made by the company in October 2015, only this time with slightly more detail.

According to Volvo’s senior director of Electric Propulsion Systems, Mats Anderson, the new platform will support battery packs of up to 100 kWh. In addition, he announced that the company would be releasing another plug-in hybrid next year, joining its XC90 model which has been on the market since 2014.

Speaking at the symposium, Anderson said: “To enable the cost-effective production of a range of BEVs meeting different requirements, Volvo is developing the Modular Electrification Platform (MEP)—a set of modular building blocks for electrification than will allow Volvo to deliver vehicles ranging between 100 – 450 kW of propulsive power, with battery packs of up to 100 kWh in size”.

Volvo 40.1 SUV concept

The 100kWh battery pack is likely to be a high-end option rather than a standard feature, but depending on vehicle efficiency, this could allow the car a range of over 300 miles.

The “Modular Electrification Platform” proposal sounds a lot like German automaker Volkswagen’s Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) platform, also slated for production in 2019. According to the latter, by making the drivetrains for its EVs modular, the development and production of future EVs will be smoother and more flexible.

Whilst Volvo offered no further details on the potential vehicle, it unveiled two new concepts last year -one sedan and one SUV- at the same time as announcing its MEP platform, both of which the company suggested could be developed into an EV.


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