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Volvo and Ekoenergetyka electrify Malmö

Ekoenergetyka charger in Tampere. Finland.

13 fully electric Volvo buses with opportunity charging will enter into operation in Malmö at the end of 2018

Ekoenergetyka will supply the Swedish City of Malmö with three 300-kW quickPOINT City Chargers, providing quick charge to 13 Volvo e-buses, which were ordered last June by bus operator Nobina.

The buses will run on route 7 in the city covering a distance of 14.7 km. The chargers will be installed in two neighbourhoods of Malmö.  Ön in the south-west will receive one charger, while the other two will be in the southern suburb of the city, Svågertorp.

The OppCharge-based chargers, equipped with top-down pantograph, will be connected to an external monitoring system which will capture charging data in real time. The chargers will follow international charging protocol ISO 15118, ensuring interoperability.

Volvo will supply 13 of its 7900 Electric model. The e-buses use about 80% less energy than corresponding diesel buses and are powered by green electricity. The bus’ lithium-ion batteries will be charged at the route’s end stops, taking between three and six minutes.

Maciej Wojeński, Vice-President of Ekoenergetyka-Polska, commented: “This will be our third charger deployment in Sweden, but first in Malmö. We are proud to contribute to Malmö’s sustainability drive and its target of becoming a 100% green city by 2020 by enabling the city to introduce cleaner and quieter buses.”

The other two cities with Ekoenergetyka’s chargers in Sweden are Vasteras and the northern city of Lulea.

Source: Ekoenergetyka


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