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Watch E.On’s Mad Max-inspired EV film

Source: E.On / Freedom is electric

Extreme EVs were set loose in the California desert for E.On’s latest campaign film

As Germany pushes a rollout of electric transportation technologies, utility E.On has been one of the more forward-thinking supporters. Earlier this year it announced plans for its subsidiaries to install over 700 EV chargers, following a commitment in late 2016 to make e-mobility a strategic focus.

Most recently it signalled that it would also assist Tank & Rast in installing 150-kW chargers at 90 stations throughout Germany.

This week however, the company dropped an unusual short film to back its latest “Freedom is Electric” campaign, under which it says it will install 10,000 EV charge points by 2020.

To hammer home that commitment, E.On assembled some of the most impressive custom-built EVs in the world and set them on a madcap drag race across El Mirage lake in California’s Mojave Desert.

Although under 2 minutes, the film is nonetheless impressive in demonstrating the scale and versatility of the electric technologies – not to mention the enthusiasm of their drivers and creators. What’s even more impressive is that the entire shoot was complete using only electric power – from the vehicles in the field to the drones taking those impressive aerial shots. As E.On makes clear – no petrol was used in its making.

Watch the full film below:



Included in the cast are the jet-fighter inspired Tachyon Speed (a prototype electric hypercar developed by Raesr), a converted electric 1967 AC Cobra, Lightning Motorcycles’ LS-218 (the fastest production motorbike in the world), Big Foot 20 (the world’s only all-electric monster truck) and plenty more besides.

Several other short films offer some behind-the-scenes looks at the developers and their technology. Of particular interest to ElecTrans was Lightning Motorcycles’ portable solar charger – a PV array mounted on the roof of their equipment trailer which allows the team to charge the bikes in between runs.

You can learn more about each vehicle and the process of making the film at the dedicated page on E.On’s website, or watch below.



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