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Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles (EDN)

Wireless charging has been around for years in low-power consumer applications – wireless shavers are widely available, and electric toothbrushes have used it since the early 1990s. Even the medical field is using wireless charging for subcutaneous implants.  Wireless charging for EVs uses near-field charging (NFC): a transmitting coil produces a magnetic field that transfers energy via induction to a nearby receiving coil. The fraction of the magnetic flux generated by the transmitter coil that penetrates the receiver coil and contributes to the power transfer is a function of the distance between the two coils. Looking forward a decade or two, there will be the implementation of fully dynamic charging, where EVs pick up power as they pass over coils embedded at intervals under the road surface. Read more below:

Attribution: http://www.edn.com

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