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Working solid state battery demonstrated at New York Battery Conference

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C4V’s new solid state battery can increase an EVs range by 70%

Magnis Resources has announced that its partner Charge CCCV (C4V) has completed production of a working prototype of a solid state battery, which was demonstrated at the 2018 NYBEST Conference in New York by C4V.

C4V’s new solid state battery replaces more than 80% of the liquid electrolyte with a solid electrolyte. This effectively produces a lower cost battery that is higher capacity, higher density, higher performance, and with significantly reduced charging times than existing battery solutions.

Further, C4V’s battery does not require cobalt, which contributes to the reduction of costs and an increase in scalability of production without metals supply constraints.

The prototype solid state battery demonstrated in New York has volumetric capacities of 380 watts per kg and 700 watts per litre, which is expected to increase to 400 watts per kg and 750 watts per litre through optimisation over the coming months prior to production for commercial availability by the second quarter of 2019.

As an example of the capabilities of this battery in current implementations, the C4V solid state battery will be capable of delivering a 70% increase in range for electric vehicles when compared to other batteries, allowing an electric car with a current 400-km range to be able to run 680 km on the same single charge.

C4V is working alongside commercial supply chains to further refine and optimise compositions, chemical structure, particle morphologies, and electrode processing techniques to develop solutions for tailored applications including EVs, grid backup solutions, aviation, and portable electronics.

C4V president Shailesh Upreti commented: “We are very excited about our developments in moving to a production-ready solid state battery design. C4V has taken a commercial approach in its development process for its next-generation product. C4V’s new solid state battery is drop-in ready, reducing disruption on the manufacturing floor, whilst reducing production cost and increasing production quality. C4V continues to work closely with our strategic partners, including Magnis, as well as our established supply chain partners to bring C4V’s latest innovation to market.”

Magnis chairman Frank Poullas commented: “This is one of the world’s first solid state batteries to be produced. Volkswagen Group recently invested US$100 million into US-Based QuantumScape, which is yet to publicly produce a prototype and is targeting solid state battery production in 2025. The investment by Volkswagen valued QuantumScape at over US$1 billion. Our technology continues to gain serious interest and we look forward to announcing further developments in the coming quarters.”


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