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Yutong Bus supplies 20 electric buses to Macau

Yutong’s buses are specially designed to withstand Macau’s wet weather

20 electric buses developed and manufactured by Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., the world’s leading bus and coach supplier, have begun service in Macau. The delivery of the buses to Melco Resorts & Entertainment raises Yutong’s share of the electric bus market in Macau to 78%.

Currently, there are 2,700 buses and coaches in Macau, with Yutong supplying 1,400, over 50%.

The 20 electric buses include eighteen 11-metre coaches and two 10-metre city buses used for picking up tourists in Macau. The 11-metre coach is designed specifically for Macau; its IP68 protective level makes it impervious to water for 24 hours, even when submerged, makes it perfect for the rainy and stormy days that are typical in Macau.

The 10-metre city bus, originally designed for the European market, comes with Yutong’s “BusEYE Pro” driver assistance system. The system features four major functions, forward collision warning, pedestrian collision warning, headway measurement warning and lane departure warning.

The battery system for the two models will keep the vehicles running even if stuck in traffic for long periods of time.

“At Yutong, we design for different needs in different markets. Macau has very crowded roads and humid weather. So, we try to solve those problems and more when designing for the market. In addition, we have four service stations in Macau that can cover almost every Yutong electric bus in operation,” said general manager of Asian division of Yutong Bus Jin Yong.

Apart from electric bus manufacturing, Yutong Bus provides one-stop integrated solutions of new energy buses including transportation planning, vehicle design and vehicle monitoring systems, while offering hands-on training to local operators.

So far, Yutong Bus has achieved a total sales volume of 90,000 new energy buses in France, the UK, Bulgaria, Iceland, Chile, and China Macau among others.

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